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Gucci Matelassé Boots

😍 I love these quilted @Gucci boots 😍 The Matelassé Boot comes in various heights…. walkable, sensible and sex appeal! Designers really do think of everything. 😉 Meet your new loves here...

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Where the WILD things are!

The call of the wild is irresistable!  I love animal prints, and the faux the better. 🙂 There is no easier way to punch up an outfit than with a sophisticated and elegant print from our feline friends. Some of my friends are too shy to wear animal prints, and to that I say – BE FEARLESS AND FIERCE! You can easily interject a little leopard, cheetah or tiger, oh my!  But balance it with solids and casuals to not look too 80’s scary :)! Just remember, when you wear it, own your inner tigress (or tiger :)!  No...

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